Senergy Products and Services (Senergyps) is a spin-off company of the University of Extremadura that was born in 2015 from a group of engineers dedicated to R + D + i in power electronics and electrical systems since 2008 in the public sector and in private.

The company’s human team is Senergyps’ greatest value, since given its multidisciplinary technical profile and its commitment to seeking and offering solutions to society, it is given a higher degree of reliability and loyalty.

Senergyps’ main business lines are energy services, mainly in the field of photovoltaic renewable energy; electric mobility, highlighting the charging stations; design of custom electronic circuits and monitoring systems in the cloud. Based in Badajoz, we have the know-how and offer a direct link to the massive accumulation of photovoltaic renewable power in the area, as well as to the imminent surrounding electric vehicle charger infrastructure.

Senergyps has the guarantee given by the recognized innovative SME and technology-based innovative company seals.