Decree 40/2016

Call: Decree 40/2016, of March 21, which establishes the regulatory bases of aid for the financing of industrial research and experimental development projects for companies in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura.

Title: Safe, Dynamic and Intelligent Li-Ion Battery Active Equalization System (BMSI +).

Duration: 36 months.

Description: The objective of the active equalizer has entailed the development and assembly of a prototype for the energy distribution of renewable energy sources manageable with Lithium Ion batteries towards AC and DC loads with a nominal power of around 5kW. The heart of the scheme is made up of an intelligent photovoltaic inverter that captures the energy from the photovoltaic panels, manages the battery charge according to energy demand, and proposes an AC voltage for use with conventional loads. It is also proposed to use the DC voltage of the battery for use with DC loads such as DC / DC converters for charging other battery packs. The brain for high-level human tasks will be realized in an embedded controller with a web interface.


  • The main objective of this project is to develop the investigation of a novel active equalization system for lithium ion batteries up to a power range of 10 kW. The equalization system will allow to balance the voltage of the cells of the battery pack in an active way, that is to say; the cells will have the proper voltage even in the charging and discharging processes. The equalization system will have the ability to discriminate which cells are in bad condition (this means that it will discriminate the cell with a different discharge depth) so that they can be replaced or regrouped with other cells of the same capacities. The system will use two different lithium technologies with different characteristics, so that the system increases the range of capabilities in terms of energy density and response times. Although the application possibilities are diverse, it is intended to promote the use of the system in agro-industrial applications, due to the demand for storage media in agro-industrial farms that are already integrating renewable energy sources, which they cannot manage in the most efficient way.