PIT 2017

Call: DECREE 129/2017, of August 1, which regulates the Training Program in alternation with the employment of innovation and talent and establishes the regulatory basis for granting subsidies for said program, within the Autonomous Community of Extremadura.

Title: “Advanced Identification System for integration in electric vehicles chargers that integrate the OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) standard”.

Duration: 9 months.

Objetive: breaking the barriers that slow down the transition from the current systems of transport based on fossil fuels to those based on electric energy that do not emit CO2, framed mainly in the strategic area of CLEAN ENERGY, promoting the use of electric vehicles, and getting to contribute to the established environmental objectives that aim, among others, to reduce the emissions of CO2 by 20% with respect to the emissions of 1990.

An intelligent and efficient management of the recharging infrastructures will also be carried out, requiring a communication system and a server based on the emergent unification protocol of electric vehicles chargers, getting a leadership in this application.

Description: this project aims to develop an identification system (IDS) that is compatible with the protocol OCPP (Open charger Point Protocol), which shapes up as the one that all electric vehicles chargers will integrate in the future to guarantee the compatibility of the different recharge management solutions regardless of the type or the manufacturer.

The user will use any of the means admitted for identification in the IDS, which will validate if the user can access to the recharge system through OCPP commands sent to the central server, which in turn will communicate with the charger to perform in an effective way the charging of the user’s electric vehicle.

The scope of the project includes:

  • Designing and developing a system OCPP-IDS based on an embedded system interconnected to several media readers, expecting to include several identification systems like electronic ID cards, bank cards, mobile devices, using codes like BiDi or NFC system, or web applications or cloud identification
  • The development of a server module that is able to meet the communication OCPP or similar, sent by the development system IDS and interact with the existing electric vehicle charger.